Friday, 3 June 2016

how it feels in your hand

pardon me, small rant this morning:

One of the things which endlessly both amuses me and perplexes me is the complete disconnect between reality and ideals which goes on in peoples heads. For instance I've recently been delving into looking for a phone to replace my faithful Nokia E72 and in that process found an amusing term fill the reviews "Premium Feel" ... indeed it was hard to find a reviewer who didn't go on about:

  • feels premium build 
  • how it feels in your hand

of course, this is exactly what a wanker would be focused on too. Especially given that the reviewers don't even go on to discuss is it actually built well or does it just "feel" that way. More support for the narcissistic wanker category.

Why its hilarious to me is that almost universally in those reviews (which of course focus on metal and glass being the premium build, not that awfull plastic) they mention how their "premium feel" device is fragile (because of those premium feeling components are actually fragile) and suggest you put it in a jelly case.

Well then , kiss good bye to your premium feel if its in a plastic case.

You may as well have a fine silk fabric on your sofa and cover it in plastic ... thus never actually taking advantage of that luxurious silk ... and instead sit on a plastic sofa.

This is exactly the sort of bullshit my parents generation did.

So to put it crass terms, you may as well wank with a condom on (oh, and probably a glove in case you get your hand dirty).

As an engineer I find it exemplary of how the masses are driven by narcissistic intentions and have zero concepts of reality to back that up. To me a metal phone is only going to cause problems with the single most important feature of the phone : connectivity.

Yes, making phones out of metal makes it difficult for the designers because metal inteferes with radio waves (and shock, the phone uses radio to make a connection).

Amusingly to me it was Apple (I could be wrong here) who started this whole mess with the iPhone and (IIRC) there was heaps of discussion about this back in the day with the iPhones being quite problematic for getting signal (compared to those plastic phones).

Of course engineers found ways around this for the Wangers so that they can get their premium feel ... only to put it into plastic.

go figga

ohh ... but it feels goood ... ouhh ... ouhhhh ... ouhhhh ...oh

The King is Dead ... long live the King
Wang King

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gnarlydog said...

There are two types of people out there: drivers and passengers.
It's easy to be a passenger and pay the fare for mediocrity ride where others do the thinking for you, and a hell a lot safer than driving yourself.
So, in a world of passengers, most are happy to hop on the bus while the driver is the only one in control. The bus does not really have a fixed destination despite the paying passengers believing that they are getting a good deal and will get to where they want...
Everybody on the bus is happy in their ignorance while the bus driver does what he wants...
Don't be a passenger

The feel of the phone is what the passengers want to hear, they don't care if the bus will even drive them anywhere. They line up for days in an orderly queues when they hear a new bus route is announced and pay a pretty penny for it.
Don't be a passenger.