Sunday, 16 October 2016

Settling in

with my self arrived with my bags and opened up the door to an empty place I have started the task of sorting my stuff and settling in.

I got the opportunity to go for a quick jaunt with a mate out (not far) into the countryside and so I though I'd put up a snap of an old abandoned (I assume) shed or barn.

It feels funny saying things to people about "my place" back in Australia, as the habit of calling that house my home is still strong.

I wonder how that will go?

I'm sure (from chats to my neighbours) that the new owners have wasted no time in settling in either, and have seemingly started to make renovations happen.

Hopefully it will change sufficiently that I don't actually want to go back. Either way for now the only place I can call home is here in Finland.


Noons said...

Those trees are very nice!
I'm guessing larch?

obakesan said...

dunno mate, I think that the foreground little-uns may be, but there is a few Birch in there too (white trunks)

gnarlydog said...

for a moment I thought: whoa, that is downgrade, but luckily you explained :-)
Best of luck and wish you great settling in Finland. My take: you will miss the sun for a while...