Thursday, 20 October 2016

Oppo F1 vs iPhone 7p on GSMArena compare tool

so, with the data up on GSMArena, I thought I'd look at the iPhone 7p and see how it does against the Oppo F1.

well ... given my other posts showing how crummy the Oppo JPG engine is and how much better it can do by using DNG (here, here), that the iPhone 7 is this close to the Oppo it will take a comparison using DNG to sort out the sheep from the goats

just a little bit of contrast tweaking (of only the Oppo segment) makes them look even closer ...

Folks, I think that phone cam's have hit the physics wall ... they're already diffraction limited (which is why they don't have aperture contols) and with the amount of light (read, the lack of light) reaching each pixel its a tibute to modern manufacture and physics that they work as well as they do...

I suppose the iPhone lovers will find some reasons to justify spending 4 times as much

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