Sunday, 30 October 2016

the old mill again

A few years back (when I was last living in Joensuu) I took this shot of my favourite old subject here the old sawmill by the river (featured in this blog post)

I was out walking around yesterday and took this snot with my phone (and snapseeded it from RAW)

Slightly different vantage point and a more "impressionist" style was chosen. I like both, but clearly the telephoto provides a "compression" of the scene that a phone can't bring. Equally I like the wide view to put it in perspective visually within the landscape.

I happen to like both, but wouldn't be without the telephoto. So the m43rds camera with the 20mm or the 45mm lenses (both really compact) as well as the phone seems to be where I'm headed.

I wonder if this means that my wide angle lens is now an endangered species?

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