Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Oppo images from Snapseed

I am getting more comfortable with Snapseed on the Oppo, so thought I'd just post a quick compare.

So, setting RAW stores two images of the picture at the same time, the RAW file (as adobe DNG) and the JPG.

I'm sure you'll see the differences are worth it.

Camera jpg

Snapseed from dng

As I put in a previous post:

Camera JPG

Camera HDR JPG

Snapseed processed DNG

There is more tonals (and better details) in the DNG than in any of the camera software generated JPG's including HDR.

I know its more hassle, but if you want the best results and have no other camera : then engage RAW on the Oppo and smile.

Lastly, a link to an earlier post of mine which compares the Oppo F1 to my Panasonic micro43'rds camera (which is essentially the same as a APS sized DSLR) here, also shows that the difference in image details quality between JPG and RAW brings the Oppo much closer to the mid range DSLR.

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