Sunday, 24 July 2016

Oppo F1 - a quick "mod"

Just a quick post on a "physical mod" that I've done on my phone.

I don't like cases for a number of reasons, but there have been a few small issues on my Oppo that I don't really like; it slides off things easilly, swype on my desk is tricky (because it slides), its often hard to pick up, when its flat on a table I can't hear the ringer from places around the house (because the speaker slot is muffled ...

So I've added some small self adhesive "clear plastic pads" to the bottom. I bought them from Bunnings (smallest ones they have) and then trimmed them down carefully shaving them with a "box cutter" so they are about 2mm thick.

While this is not for the DIY Klutzes its easy to do and has the following benefits:

  • as the ringer is on the back of the phone and the alert on the front. Now I can have it face up and still hear the ringer (which being there on the back was being muffled even on a table)
  • the stand off height means I can now get my fingers onto the phone more easily and pick it up without a slip drop caused by it being so slender
  • the pads to not feel anything in the pocket, so the phone's dimensions are unchanged in feel (sure it won't fit through a metal slot, but really..)
  • some extra protection from scratching (such as sand or grit) on surfaces is now provided both for the back (who cares) and the camera lens (important)
  • the phone now is less "slippery" on surfaces (like the arm of the couch) and doesn't slide off when the vibration / ring occurs

My NokiaE72 had a "camera bump" which WangerReviewers would go on about, but which had the effect of both lifting the rear speaker off the table (allowing it to really increase volume) and protected both the back and the camera outter filter.

So, there you go

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