Monday, 4 July 2016

moving Moore's law on

for those unfamiliar with Moore's Law he suggested that the number of components on an IC chip was doubling every year ... this was later extended to cover many other aspects of technology from Hard Disks through Network speeds to CPU speeds.

I think that in the dull afterglow of the Post (Australian Federal) Election haze I suspect I've seen another extension to this "Moore's Law" which I will call More-ons Law

Prior to the election of John Howard as Prime Minister in 1996 it was common for Prime Minister of Australia to serve a few terms, with perhaps Robert Menzies having the longest number of terms.

However something happened after John Howard and in the years since his defeat in 2007 we've had a veritable Conga-Line of Prime Ministers, and not always by election either. It went something like this: (2007 election ) - Rudd, Gillard, (2010 election) - Gillard, Rudd (2013 election) - Abbot Turnbul (2016 election) who knows?

This at first glance seems to take Moore's Law a step further from a linear representation to a hastening of pace ...  or if I may a moving on of pace. A doubling of stupidity every two years. Moving on Moore's Law to be what I call MooreOns Law. Applying the Shorten principle we can just refer to this as MorOns Law.

Its unclear to me at this early stage if MoreOns Law is driven by a greater energetic dynamic of the politicians who come in energised only to fizzle out and be replace between elections or a synergy of the attention deficit lowering of standards we hold for hour Honourable Members perhaps the Morons Law (Applying a little more of Bill Shorten-ing of it to make it easier to grasp) suggests that we can have a doubling of Prime Ministers for every election.

None the less, if the Newly Elected PM can't stand the heat in the "Kitchen" I propose that if they stand closer to the revolving door that they may be fanned enough by it, or perhaps just sucked out.

Perhaps we can have Pauline Hanson as our Next PM ... she's at least used to the grease and heat of the fish and chip shop ...

Let see how long Morons Law will persist in Australian Politics. Maybe we can get 3 PM's out of this election pushing Morons to greater limits


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