Friday, 10 February 2017

A day on the lake

when one is over 50 birthdays aren't really about the sort of celebration that involves cake and booze ... well not to me ... its more about the celebration of the fact that you're alive and you can go out and do stuff.

In Finland there is a word "Retki" ... it means an outing with a lunch ... so I took a sandwich and a thermos out and went for a short but pleasant ski to a place that I like.

Here's some pictures for you (saves me writing an essay)

Just across the river at the old docks

looking into the sun across a (small) island

which is a beautiful place despite its small size

the island serves as a wind break ... and snow forms in small banks behind it.

Ok ... well ... I'm about done now ... so thanks for coming



Professor von Explaino said...

Looks like it was a splendid walk+lunch. Happy birthday

gnarlydog said...

I like the first image: the contrast of the cold snow with the warm coloured weathered wood with dleicate frost
Sending you some of my heat: going to be 39C on Sunday, in your old hood