Friday, 10 February 2017

here comes the sun

Well, yesterday I was out on the lake skiing. When I left it was foggy but bright ... as only shallow mildly dense fog can be.

but as I moved across the lake to the destination (a small island) the fog began to lift.
(an image from yesterdays post)

which meant that soon after I got to the island the fog was clearing and the sun as shining on the trees directly.

Now because its about -6C the fog starts growing as crystals on everything  (which is why the trees look snowy even though it hasn't been snowing). So these fine crystals soon melt when hit by the sun.

and the bits shaded by the sticks stay "white" with frost ... and can indeed continue to grow a little while before all the fog is gone. You can just see that the last of the fog is in the lower left of that shot.

Seen from the side a little while later the contrast is even more stark ...

looks beautiful doesn't it ... it adds up to striking contrasts from behind

it was a grand day (and yes that's my ski there and no, some moron on a snow mobile did the rest of the mess)

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