Wednesday, 22 February 2017

quick n dirty Snapseed example

I thought I'd throw this together to show you what I get with a little bit of effort from Snapseed and moving the images from my Camera to my Phone (using a USB OTG cable and card reader).

The JPG from the camera was this:

which is sufficiently exosed but a bit flat. I'm not that "camera guy" who futzes about in the field rooting about with exposures. I look in the viewfinder and get exposure 90%  (not too dark, not washed out) right and move on.

This isn't a bad shot but its a bit flat ... but then this is why I use RAW, so  I can process later. As it happens these days I can do that in stages of the day (pick your down time) as long as my phone has battery.

I have the camera set to capture RAW + small JPG (which is 2048 wide and usually enough to email or Facebook anyway if it didn't need tweaking). As discussed in an earlier post I:

  • transfer the JPG and RW2 files to my phone via a utility (I use ES File ...)
  • run raw2dng app to convert my RW2 files to DNG
  • open the regular image browser to see my files and open to Snapseed from there

So here's what I did

Which got this as the end product:

I recommend you open them both in separate tabs so you can switch between them and observe the differences them in an  A <> B manner.

As I've observed before the raw2dng app is not preserving the lens corrections (which Snapseed will honour if they are there) so there is a difference in barrel distortion between the images.

Still ... when raw2dng gets around to adding that it will be a compelling processing method.


obakesan said...

This comment was accidentally deleted and it's quite valuable

Hi, I just discovered that snapseed now supports RAW from 144 different cameras! I have a Panasonic DCM-CM1 and I am now able to snap a photo in RAW and process directly in snapseed. The documentation is outdated but I think that the list of supported cameras is the same for android and iphone:

Hopefully your camera is also supported.

Øyvin Eikeland

obakesan said...


Unfortunately it's only iOS that supports camera RAW at this stage.

Also I can't say I'm fully happy with the new version.
Some nice features bit someone changes I am not fond of