Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Mercane goes shopping

If you haven't guessed I like this scoot ;-)

So, tonight I have put an app on my phone that does a good job of logging trips. So I took the scoot up to the "further" shops (to go to Bunnings and then get a bottle of red for dinner) to do a documented test run. I sort of scoped the trip on Google Street view first (so I wouldn't have to look at maps on the way) and only got lost once on the way there.

So, this is the data produced by the logger

After wandering around Bunnings (for non Australians this is a huge hardware franchise with equally huge warehouses) talking on my phone I went to the "bottle-o" for a bottle of Shiraz which was further up the hill (thus the different starting altitude).

Now the better peak speed on the way home was down one of the hills which was a significant slow down on the way out.

I left with 50V on the dial and got back with 46V on the dial (which is 3.53V or there about per cell), so not "punishingly low" and not from "full" either, with a few long moderate hills.

46 seems a good point to whack it back on the charger because (to recap) with a 13 cell pack that's 3.53V per cell, so somewhere between 30% and 20% total discharge:

I'm pretty pleased with this result (and it was a shitload of fun on the way home too).

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