Thursday, 7 October 2010

attitude and the forks

I've noticed that Australians are tending towards personifying the worst traits of everyone lately. Ten short years ago people in Australia seemed more patient, generous and reasonably deserving of the esteem in which we are (were?) held over seas. I have noticed that things have changed here in the years since 1999.

More people are more agro, not to mention somehow more precious in many ways. Public behavior has changed (especially in traffic) with everyone seeming to act as if the world revolves around them. If you're just an agro ute driving bogan with a "Fu*k off we're full" sticker on your car then flipping the finger is about what one expects to see at the slightest provocation.

However most western people (as distinct from bogans) have higher expectations of appropriate behavior. So when we see our top athletes representing our nation at the Commonwealth Games acting like agro dogs and having no respect for the authorities we can (and should) rightly say:

"Pull your head in"

So, Shane Perkins and Hassene Fkiri stop being bogans and pull your bloody head in. If this is who you are, then head back to where that belongs: "friday night" at the servo in Ugg boots comparing whats under the hood and who's got the biggest bass.

I could not agree more on this point than with the words of Libby Trickett, who says:
"You may be disappointed and yes, you can be disappointed if you expected to perform a little bit better," she said.

"But at the end of the day that is someone else's moment and you shouldn't try and take away from that.

so if you're performance was not up to it, don't act like a brat and take the shine off the winners event. I guess there's no point in suggesting "how would you like it if the same happened to you" because probably there is noone else in your world.

If there was a problem with the officiation then lodge a protest, but if its just a tantie because you didn't win ... well ... grow up and learn to take the good and the bad.

Either you're just feeding or prepresenting the same sort of arrogant and precious behavior that is the antithesis of the reputations that Australians abroad have worked hard to achieve. Which ever it is (feeding or representing) its not what I at least want to be representing our nation on the international stage. For any glory you may bring for your winning you take away more with poor losing.


Noons said...

"friday night at the servo in Ugg boots comparing whats under the hood and who's got the biggest bass"

This cracked me up. Spent the morning today at Strathfield Car Radios getting a new Sony for my daughter's car.

They had a car in the show room that has won the "Australian record" for loudest sound system: 160dB. That's louder than a 747 at short distance.

I wonder who could survive that?

obakesan said...


you don't sit "in" the car ... its part of the way you stake out your terrirory.

supposedly bogan chicks are turned on by that.

though it may be more complex. Perhaps Sir David Attenbrough could do a "mating lives of Australia Bogans" and compare Muswelbrook to Ipswich.