Tuesday, 12 October 2010

new arrivals

It seems so long ago that I blogged about the Plover nesting in front of our building. Despite many daily irritations of people passing by and indeed sitting right beside the nest, today her and her partners hard work paid off.

This little fella emerged from under her.


Since it was right in front of the security office I had left a note with the security staff to call me if they spotted it hatching. Just as I was about to go home today I got the call that one had hatched and was running around ...


She started off with 4 eggs, and a few weeks ago it had dropped to 2 eggs, and as I was leaving work today only one chick had emerged. I couldn't wait around to see if the other one hatched, but the mother was still returning to the nest and sitting on the egg occasionally, so I won't know till tomorrow morning.

Meantime I thought you may enjoy seeing how this cute little fella starts its life.


its so cute isn't it ... one parent is trying to lead it away ...
but I think its still trying to sort out what and where for everything else


With all the obstacles (lawnmowers, storms, cold rain, people ...) I'm glad he made it this far

post scriptum

On the way into the office this morning I see that one of the parents is on the nest again probably trying to give the other egg more time. The "chick" is hanging around under the parent. So the may raise 2 chicks from the nest.

A day later and this little fellow emerged from the shell

very cute


LensBubbles said...

This is amazing! Many wild animal would not make it this far in this kinds of environment. I am happy to see the new chick hatched. Hopefully it will grow to adulthood.

Noons said...

You know what fills me with joy? That we live in a country where this sort of thing still happens and is possible in the middle of a densely urbanized area.

Most of the places I lived in Europe this simply would not have been unthinkable...