Friday, 22 October 2010

bring back the CES

Once upone a time in Australia there was a central Federal Government organisation called the CES

This organisation was at least a single central place that brought together both employers and citizens for finding staff or jobs (as the case may be).

While it may have been criticized in the past for a lack of thought and effort in matching suitable job seekers to positions it is my experience that the "Tower of Babel" which has been created by the "privatization" of this public services is far far worse.

When we came back to Australia we registered with one of these organisations via Centerlink to be able to gain access to the job seekers network. This has nothing to do with accessing any welfare or financial support, just looking for jobs.

After several annoying, frustrating, repetitive meetings where the well meaning person tries to put you into some slot for "finding work" we hear nothing from them (except emails of jobs which bear no relationship to our situation).

When finally my wife identifys a job in one of these email lists we find that she can't be given the information about the job because she has been listed as "inactive" because she has not been to any interview with the "job network provider" to renew her status ... not that anyone told us she needed to. In fact the opposite advice was given. Considering we were not applying for financial support, she only had come in to their office if she wished to access the internet via their computers.

So bring back the CES I say ... these guys are a complete waste of everyone's time.

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Noons said...

Indeed they are. IT has been in the hands of this lot for far too long and they have made a total mess of it.
I can't possibly imagine what has happened to the other kinds of jobs that used to be handled by the CES, but I see the situation with nurses and it is a disaster.