Monday, 25 October 2010

what about bob

Its a funny comedy with Bill Murray ... but just now I was reading this comedy and a different Bob, who has been making some great comments (that I wish were a joke).

For starters, Bob seems to know something the rest of us don't with his remarks about Australia needing to follow the USA into any invasion of Pakistan.

... there has never been any doubt in my mind that, if the Americans go in and they request us to go in, we absolutely must go in,” he told parliament.

... say what?

It gets better:
Pakistan, Mr Katter said, was highly volatile, with the government there trying to maintain democratic institutions in the face of “a very strong but not very tolerant fundamentalist surge”.

well gee anyone remember Pervez Musharraf? But don't worry, no need to think too deeply about that ... Bob doesn't wait for long before he hits you with the next punch line ...
In a speech [to parliment] in which he boasted of once owning an AK-47 - “a very good rifle” -
good for what? Roo shooting? come on Bob ... its an Assault rifle and an old one at that. Not particularly sophisticated its just cheap and does the job it was intended to do.

Mr Katter sought to pre-empt any arguments that Pakistan posed no threat to Australian security.

He said there did not appear to be an imminent threat to Australian security in 1939, but by 1941 Japan was close to invading the Australian mainland

maybe that was the propaganda the Britts were trying to get us to swallow, but not what any informed or reasonable person of the time would have thought, Japan had been in an Arms race for some time

“In 1939 there was not considered to be any great threat to Australia,” he said.

see above comment ... Bob, why don't you pick up a history book for your next wait at the airport. I recommend Morning Glory by Steven Howarth as a good starter.

“Yes, there was a great threat in Europe from Adolf Hitler but there was no great threat to Australia. Japan was up to its eyeballs in trouble in China but they were no threat to us. But by 1941 they were two weeks away from invading Australia.”

"up to their eyeballs" yes, but not in trouble ... they were really hammering the Chinese. Again, I recommend that book by Howarth.

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