Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sincerest form of flattery

I happen to really like the music of Queen.

About a year ago we found out about a local band who goes around doing copies of Queen music live at small clubs and pubs. The audience is usually small (like under 200 or 500 on a good day)

They're pretty darn good actually and its fun to go to their gigs.

Last New Year I dragged my sorry arse (and man it was sorry) along with some friends to see them at a Brisbane venue. They played for some hours past the slated time to end and kept on playing just covers and stuff (not queen) till way past 1am.

So they have a good attitude about it too.

Today I noticed they are playing locally again and see that they are doing a charity gig, donating their door take to a local charity called Paradise Kids.

Thats just got to be a worthy cause.

So my respect for this band has just gone up a lot. Not only are they fun and energetic on stage but they have a great social conscious too.


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