Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stormtroopers - what happens to a clone army

As a starwars fan, a long time SciFi fan and a Blade Runner fan (seeing any themes there?)

Back when I first saw Star Wars (a new hope) we only heard briefly about the clone wars and thought not much more of it.

Well after I saw "Attack of the Clones" we found that the storm troopers seen in the first three mkvies were actually Clones (which was an interesting turn).

So harking back to the fate of the replicants (essentially clones) I often think about the Storm Troopers and wonder about what happens to the clones as they get older. Will some or any of the older survivors learn about their lives? How long will they live ... stuff questioned in Blade Runner so many years ago..

with "Roy's" final words giving perhaps a eulogy for all of these people.

When watching Blade Runner (many years ago) I wondered if by making clones as our new slaves what will happen to human rights? Strangely the human rights laws enacted to protect slaves are now snagged by companies who become 'corporate entities' with rights. Would be sort of tragic if their 'products' then didn't get  that same set of rights.

oh well ... that's enough for today.

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