Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nokia Messaging issues

as a Nokia user I find its difficult to get much information  out there on how to get around problems which Nokia seem to introduce into their phones and their services. Some help can be had in the Nokia Support Groups (as in that link) but often there are no answers of any technical significance.

To allow others who have issues with Nokia Messaging to post here and perhaps provide others with answers (or just confirmation they are not alone).

I set up Nokia Messaging on my E72 phone recently using their website. It was quick and effective and pushed up the mail settings onto my phone. That part was good.

This gave me with 4 email accounts being checked on my phone:

  • gmail
  • my corporate mail (as it happens handled via google)
  • one ISP account as a POP account
  • one ISP account as an IMAP account (different to above)

I noticed some things which it would seem remain unresolved for Nokia (at least on their forums).

reply to email from my corporate mail using Nokia Messaging created 2 entries in my sent items and makes reading messaging threads on the web browser messy because each of my replies appears duplicated.

the Nokia Messaging system allows you to specify times for your mail collection. This is nice but has a few issues:

  • when you set connection times they are global, so your times set for your work mail will now override what you initially set for your personal mails being collected by Nokia Messaging. Meaning you can not choose Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm for work emails and 7 days 8am-10pm for private ones.
  • you can not choose to check mail "asynchronously"; meaning I can't just 'check when I feel like it adhoc' I can only follow the schedule.

I consider these noteworthy limitations and to the best of my knowledge remain issues with all the Nokia Messaging based phones.

So hopefully somone in at Nokia will pull their heads out of their arse, stop being negative about the negative feedback and start grasping that complaints are from people who want to keep using the products but just want issues fixed.

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