Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Some years ago there was an error at the Water Supply company at Nokia in Finland where sewerage was mixed accidentally with the water supply

Just as Nokia's water department delivered up shit in the water to the Finns in Nokia, it would seem Nokia is intending to do the same economically to both Finland and other supporters of their products. Both would seem to be down to management and 'accidents' of procedures.

Reading this interview shows that their new "director" is helping them transition to economic death.
Q. How do you evaluate the changes happening in China’s smartphone market?

A. In such a dynamic and competitive market, lower-priced mobile phones have flooded into the market. Nokia will frequently release new products to meet the demands of the market. In addition, we will create innovation for China based on the unique tastes and needs of Chinese consumers.

what a fcuking tosser. He can make all the glib answers he wants but at the end of the day their shares are falling.

Finns need to kick this guy up the ring
Q: You mentioned earlier that Nokia hoped to convert 200 million Symbian users to Windows Phones. How are you going to do about it?

Elop: In the transition to Windows Phones, we need to make sure our Windows Phone system and mobile phones will attract consumers with good services. Besides, we will install relevant programs on the Windows Phone platform, ensuring a smooth transition from Symbian to it.
more twaddle ... I mean how are they doing that? Installing relevant programs won't matter a tinkers toss if the phone is too dear and too restricted.

Arguments about it not coping with changes or it being too restrictive are a bit hard to swallow. Considering that Unix OS was written in the late part of 1969 and is still doing strong today.

Funny that iOS and Android are both based on an older OS which was written to work on machines with tiny fractions of the power in even a humble phone today.

Pissing off 200 Million customers and telling them what they want rather than selling them what they want is not a good strategy if you ask me...

Does the average phone user really give a hairy rats arse if they have a quad core or if it just works? I'm willing to bet its "just works" ... longer battery life might be nice too.

This site has an equally dim view of Nokia:

Seems the rot will kill the company.

I wonder if the director will bring what he learned from his time directing Microsoft Office to Nokia? Strangely I don't hear much good about that transition either. But then he's already arranged a marriage to Microsoft so perhaps he'll get his pay in growth in Microsoft shares?

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