Tuesday, 20 November 2012

How big is your attachment

Side stepping any toughts of strapons I am increasingly getting emails with 5MB or larger attached images as people snap them with their phones and email them.

Its a fraught issue and one which seems to be overlooked by developers and users alike.

I often waver between setting my phone between the small web and phone friendly 640x480 and the big 2590 x 1944 for prints.

My phone makes it possible to resize the image, but A) its a hassle and B) you have to do it manually. Meaning its a pain in the butt and probably wont happen.

Interestingly MMS has been doing this for some years on smarter phones (like my Nokia) but the move away from that to email (driven by rape and pilliage prices of MMS to the more sensible pricing of plain data) has brought us back to square one.

With providers getting paid by the bytes they ship its only the consumers who suffer from the bliss of ignorance on this one. Meaning its unlikely we'll see any apps for phones that integrate with your email and resize on the fly for you any time soon.

And thats a pity.


Larry said...

The iPhone handles this nicely, asking you what size to send when you attach a picture to an email. I'm surprised the other phone OSs don't do the same.

Are there other email apps you can use that may have that feature?

obakesan said...

just checked on an iPhone. You are right! So why then?