Tuesday, 22 November 2016

down by the river

Well this is going to be a combo of (perhaps) "nice pictures" and a bit of a plug for Snapseed (or perhaps just where I'm at with it). For those not interested in the discussion, just sit back and look at the pictures :-)

First lets look at the straight out of the phone picture:

not bad ... but somehow feeling a bit lifeless.

One could fiddle about on the spot with this or that setting, but I prefer just to capture the RAW data from the sensor and move on. If I like it I can come back and fiddle with it later. Besides (not that anyone was with me) who wants to hang about with a photographer fiddling with a camera (even it it is a phone).

So, I fiddled when I had time later (people may think I was just looking at my phone, so you blend in)

rather than make this "garish" I tried to be a bit subtle (yes, I know) and to emphasise the snow falls and give a subtle glow to the middle of the ship and emphasize the difference between the snow fall on the water on the ice and just water on the ice (showing the subtle thermal differences)

Details on the ship seem more clear, but not "whack you in the eyes"

This is why I persist with Snapseed and RAW because it just allows me to pull something more interesting (which is why I looked at it anyway) from what the camera turned into bleak.

Lets just look at a few others without me blithering on:

Hope you enjoyed the walk in the sleeting day around the riverside with me ... :-)

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