Saturday, 5 November 2016

Old pictures (made to look old)

Back in about 2012 my wife and I went on a camping trip. We camped by the river (as well as 4WD'd around) and had a good time.

I was flicking through the images recently (looking for something else to try Snapseed on) and found this shot which in my view always needed "something". Of course digital pictures don't age as do prints on paper ... so one has to take liberties ... so I did a little playing and got this partuclar nuance of lighting, overlay and contrast with Snapseed.

It reminds me a lot of the sort of thing I used to do in the darkroom with Black and White film with an enlarger (and some accidents). Actually its not an unreasonable comparison because as Snapseed does not save settings (although you can make some short term copies) its been impossible for me to reproduce this in subsequent edits.

a "vanilla" shot of the trip (perhaps entitleable "are we on the right track?")

So serendipity still lives in a computing world


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