Wednesday, 9 November 2016

second car

since my car is in Australia (being stored) I thought it was worth while to have a second car, one that was here with me in Finland.

So, wanting a higher clearance car (for some rough potentially infrequently cleared of snow) with some better ability to cope with slippery conditions AND wanting something station wagon styled (for carrying camping gear / skis / sled) I bought this little fella.

Seems ok, and is pleasant enough to drive. Lets see if the last owner serviced it well enough :-)


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Is that a Honda Pilot or CR-V? I am not much of a car person :) It looks nice.

obakesan said...

Hi Yu-Lin ... yes, its a CR-V

Lets hope its a prosperous relationship :-)

Yu-Lin Chan said...

Most modern cars are quite reliable. My Toyota Sienna (2001) is still running strong; just some minor fixes once in a while. This expense pale in comparison to a monthly car payment. Honda is known to make good cars.