Thursday, 10 November 2016


I thought I'd rework this RAW image I took the other day in the way back from picking up the car.

The original was pretty flat, but then I knew the dynamic range would be too much for the phone.

Pretty happy with the RAW post processing


Yu-Lin Chan said...

The difference is pretty dramatic. Some colored noise in the shadows being opened up but very nice considering its from a phone.

obakesan said...

indeed ... the actual dynamic range of the RAW's on the phone is less than that of any of my current digital cameras ... but generally its good for a phone.

Curiously (on my monitors) it always tends towards a green cast in highlights

gnarlydog said...

outstanding difference in the editing: RAW image kind of... yeah, seen many before to the edited one: WOW, pencil drawing kind of effect and so intriguing look. I love what you have done to it.
Now, by editing... surely you don't mean just sliders in Lightroom kind of way, right? what filter to get that effect (and should I ask, what software)?

obakesan said...

Hi Gnarly

no, not just sliders in LR :-) Software is Snapseed. There are many decent tutorials on its use but the power comes from: 1) being able to make each successive change as an "edit layer" 2) being able to return to each layer and alter that from an entire picture effect to being able to 'brush' it on with your finger (and yes I've edited it on the phone).

Snapseed is available on iOS too (if you're that way inclined) and on big screen tablets (which are the increasing trend) its increasingly a winner. BUT ... it does not (yet) save your edits as any XMP or so ... so after you've done it, its done. You can only open the RAW and start again if you wanted to try it again. You can however copy all those layers and apply them on the next opened image for successive applications to multiple images. But its not really a batch sort of thing.

gnarlydog said...

ah, no go for me then.
Two things that don't gel: phone and iOS
I am old school: large screen to work and view my and others' images or it ain't worth it ;-)
The fact that one can not go back and rework the editing/layers doesn't bother me much since I usually edit and image, export it and never look back. If for some reason I had to re-edit I am happy to start from scratch.
That of course it's for static images but a totally different story with video editing

obakesan said...

reading your comment makes me re-read my post and wonder.

it works on Android (thus tablets and I believe chrombooks) ... I don't have iOS and would consider myself almost phobic of iOS

one can go back and edit the layers, but not after its closed and saved

There are increasingly large screen devices to work with that are not phones.

obakesan said...

yep ... chromebooks

gnarlydog said...

pardon my ignorance but does it mean it can ONLY work again on proprietary hardware? Chromebook only? hmm, makes me think of typical closed systems of camera manufacturers where only their brand allows to use their lenses (or at least their mount) and so on...
of course Micro 4/3 is different and now with Mirrorless and adapters things are opening up. I still like to use systems that are not closed and I care very little if they are popular or not.
In other words: I don't want to become victim of the hype that tells me I need yet another new device because the existing one has been locked out from using a particular software.
It's frightening to me how much money I could be tossing away just to keep up with the latest gadget/trend/doohekey/trinket/look.... you get my drift.
I like the look of what you have done but not at the expenses of having to possibly go down the route to support a system that I don't ethically believe in.
If it was a simple program/technique then it would have more appeal.
But, by no mean, it's nothing personal towards you; it's just my choice and view on technology.

obakesan said...


as far as I know (like most softare) its compiled to work on platforms. The platforms its available for are: iOS and Android at the moment. Android apps can be installed on Chromebooks.

Stuff is often closed (like how much only works on PC or Mac?) on systems, and I guess that its something I've come to terms with since using Apple IIe and then other systems over the decades.

I'm not really into any hype. I just happen to use systems because they fit me, and then I acquire and learn a selection of software that those systems support.

I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad right now, which I paid $400 for and has 8gig of memory and a 500Gig HDD ... quite enough for what I do. I always keep my hardware "behind the curve" so I'm not bleeding money either.

I'm not sure about the "ethical choices" you are meaning, as it happens I have android tablets (bought my first one from Aldi for $199 in 2012 and I still use it) and I have an Andorid phone (Oppo which I paid $270 for fully unlocked and is currently beside my laptop as my LTE WiFi hotspot here in Finland). Having that phone actually saves me money cos I don't need any other net connection here. Everything else it delivers is a bonus ... like the camera and the ability for me to explore on phone processing (as my tablets are in a box on the ocean between here and Australia).

I don't now what you mean about a simple program ... if you look for some tutorials you'll find it harder to even imagine a simpler system to use ... it simply fantastic.

I didn't feel anything personal towads me, was more concerned that my replies may be too blunt and imply I was cranky (when I'm not).


obakesan said...

PS: I use RawTherapee for my PC based image editing more and more (and its free) and (if you look on my blog) a bit of Photomatix for some stuff too .. it costs however.

gnarlydog said...

my ethics: don't support a proprietary system if I can.
PC=OK, MAC= not so much
Android= OK iPhone= no thanks
And as a non tech person I often miss the point what is OK and what is not, in my book
One thing is certain: as soon I get drift that "something" is becoming trendy for no apparent reason (to me) then I start to view this "thing" with suspicion, like I don't want to be yet another idiot falling for the trend that has little substance and a lot of hype. That of course does apply for all things, not tech alone.
I heard of Snapseed a few times but your work is the first one that I actually looked and said: wow.

My fear: to be one of the "me too"
I think I am starting to identify myself as a contrarian :-)

obakesan said...

I think as we age its natural to become the contrarian :-)

There are enough posts on my blog to show that my view is that iPhone is an annoying closed shop who's business model is to sell over priced high profit margin phones to people who are willing to be corralled like sheep.

However Google has been quick to see that and is rapidly attempting the same level of "walled garden" approach (where they don't even want you to try the opposition in case you see how much better it is).

I stayed with my Nokia for so long because it was not propritary and was not feeding every letter I type and every call I make and every sms I send off to its masters.

I despair that the sheep have deprived me of an open and secure system of communication where I am transformed from customer to product.

obakesan said...

Hey Gnarly ... just in case you missed it, one of the issues with Snapseed is that it only works with DNG ... so (as per my review and comparison of GF1 / Oppo) if you want to process Camera RAW files with it its a bit tedious
1) convert RW2 file to DNG
2) migrate DNG to device