Sunday, 1 November 2009

Irony in the Camera market

Its funny, of my G1 micro 4/3rds system stuff I love my Canon lenses. Many would argue that the FD series of lenses is in some ways not equaled by Canon today (although certainly they make some stand out lenses such as the "new" TS-E 24 and the EF 300f2.8 IS)

Despite the potentials and success of the G1 system it seems that Canon still don't get it ... recently I read this article on Canon profits rise despite falling camera sales:

Although he is impressed with Micro Four Thirds, he does not expect Canon to enter the area yet: 'I agree with what Olympus and Panasonic are doing in the digital single lens [non-reflex] market. Using a sensor smaller than in DSLRs they can make a product that is smaller and a different design that is more attractive to people including young customers and ladies who would not buy a DSLR. At the same time, I don't think it can compete with mid-range DSLRs.

Never one so blind as one who will not see ... it takes little research to find the evidence to demonstrate this is a false claim.

Its like a Dinosaur is steering a Mammoth isn't it

First Canon shits off their long standing users with the dumping of the FD series for the EOS series (I understand the reasons) and now they don't even see the potentials of their FD stuff

my G1 FD system

now, if they made a APS micro system people could pop their FD lenses on, heck, they could even re-make some of the same optical designs in new plastic bodies!

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