Sunday, 1 November 2009

why I love my G1

Reading some of my blog posts about the benefits of film it may seem that I am some sort of anti-digital film lover ... but that would only be true in a world where there was only black or white. You see while I still see value in film I really love digital too.

Throughout this blog you'll find many posts about my G1 and what it can do. Below is an example "brochure" style shot of my G1 system ... based around existing FD lenses

my G1 FD system

Now its important to note costs here is what I've spent:

  • FD 300mm f4 = US$200
  • FD 200mm f4 = US$50
  • FD 50 f1.4 = US$50
  • FD 28 f2.8 = US$12
  • Vivitar extension tubes = US$ 11

So what does the macro extension tube look like?

G1 macro setup

If you click on either of the two images above (or any image in this page) it will take you to my flickr site where you can see some of the other options and details in the comments.

What this translates to in practice is a rig that looks like this:

G1 taking Macro of mini daffodils

and takes images like this:

macro at 50 % of full res

or this (which for the younger crowd is an LP stylus up close)

lp stylus

For instance I also have some Olympus OM lenses one Olympus ZD for 4/3 and of course one native lens for the G1.


The OM lenses mount by adaptor too and also work on my 35mm film cameras (EOS and OM-10). They give beautiful images with a different perspective compared to the G1 of course. The 9-18 in the back left there is my wide angle for the G1, but the 21mm in front of it gives truly beautiful wides on 35mm film (see a few posts down for example).
and even some really compact C mount lenses:

G1 with 12.5mm f1.3 Computar

Compared to almost any other SLR system the G1 may lack the ultra fast USM long telephoto lenses like the EOS system has ... at a price.

If you're a professional you wouldn't bother ... but for my money as a hobby photographer the G1 (and all micro 4/3rds makes unbeatable sence)

Heck, I can even pop a 400g OM 10 in my bag with a roll of film and dual purpose the lenses onto both bodies ... then I can get great wide and great telephoto in a light weight kit!

HAH ... try that with a cheaper camera! (or even a dearer one)

Close readers of this blog will notice that I've also compared the FD 300 with the OM and the FD and OM 50 f1.8

This implies that I have both of these lenses ... well time to come clean ... here's my OM collection

my OM lens system

the most expensive pair in this set was the 300 and the 21mm, all the others were about $50

I love the 100mm f2.8 on both 35mm and G1 systems

I've decided that set one has to go, and as the OM lenses work on both my 35mm camera bodies (EOS 630 and OM-10) as well as the G1 I guess that I'll have to part with the FD set. Although I am thinking of mix-n-matching, but decisions decisions...


Noons said...

Absolutely! I reckon micro4/3 is the best thing that ever happened to digital pohotography.

We finally have a sensor size capable of quality imaging at 400ISO, and a fantastic camera body that can be used with just about every lens ever made with few exceptions.

What could be better than that?

I'm gonna give Olympus a chance to come out with the Pen Service Pack 1 or equivalent. If they don't within the next year or so, I reckon I'm going to invest in a G1 or GF1 and that's it for digital: sell the D80 and the D200 and be done with dslrs.

Will keep my film gear as I still use quite a lot of it.

But quite frankly I don't see what is the advantage of dslrs anymore.

Not for amateurs, anyway. Professionals, yes.

But I'm not one of them and don't intend becoming one.

This M4/3 stuff is getting my vote more and more as time goes by.

obakesan said...

>What could be better than that?

a nice red in the picnic basket?

>But quite frankly I don't see what
>is the advantage of dslrs anymore.

its slim isn't it ... when I had range finder cameras I liked my OM-1 as I didn't need to worry about focus in macro ... digital with live view solved that one

so if you don't do super telephoto high action sports I'd say there is no advantage.

for nice ultra wide I'm tempted by a Voigtlander range finder ( with a 15mm lens ... very hard to beat and light weight too!

I could use the lenses on my G1 as well ;-)