Sunday, 7 March 2010

G2 is out

I've been waiting to see what may replace my G1 on the shelves and Panasonic seems to have done an interesting job of diversification, model feature splitting and new features.

The new G10 seems at first like a dumbed down G1, but is actually quite a light weight coming in at about the same weight as the GF-1. So unlike the GF-1 the G10 gives you an EVF (not as good as the G1 or G2) and video.

Richard Butler at Dpreview has done a good write up of the G2 on their site.

well worth a read...

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Charles Maclauchlan said...

I notice that this camera includes touch screen functionality. This is a GREAT feature with my iPhone, touching the screen adjusts focus & exposure. If this adds WB to the mix I might just have to take a serious look at this camera. Hmm, get a part time job, sell my present gear, get a "Will work for food" sign...perhaps I can do it.