Wednesday, 24 March 2010

mirror mirror, who has the hardest slap of all

as obvious as this is going to sound, not having a mirror is a huge advantage for micro 4/3, because I don't need to lock the mirror up in macro photography.

I know this sounds obvious, but it just slapped me in the face yesterday making a comparison between my 50mm lens with extension tubes on 35mm and with my G1.

Forgetting about the other optical issues, look at this screen snapshot of two images, one taken with my 35mm camera, the other with my G1. Both with the exact lens and stack of extension tubes, both focused on the same point.


Its often been said by camera makers "ohh, you don't need mirror lock up, we've sorted vibration out" ... but macro and telephoto users know that mirror induced vibration is right in the place where it hits you the most ... around 1/30th of a sec and down to 1 second.

Both these were taken on the same tripod with only swapping out the camera from the "system"

Clearly the G1 only crops out the middle of the full frame image, but even with effective focal length being similar to double, its not really like putting a 100mm on a full frame because your working distance is not the same.

Still ... not bad


so, if you ever wondered about the benefits of mirror lock up ... mirror-less may help you to get it.

great, now I never need to worry about locking up my mirror when I do my (irregular) macro work :-)

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