Saturday, 13 March 2010

internet discussions: can they work?

I occasionally lurk around photo.nazi, despite the fact that I hate their policy, because occasionally good questions are asked and answers I can benefit from are provided. I can't provide any answers to people because I was banned by the rectal cavity who is the head of the head kicking over there. He is about as popular with me as the Kempeitai were in Korea.

Anyway, a thread came to my attention over there which exemplifies the difficulties of having any kind of intelligent discussion on the many internet forums. The thread started with a mis-guided but passionate fellow suggesting that ETTR was somehow a flawed system.

After presenting his evidence his reactions to reasonable critique of his experimental methodology and his conclusions descend into personal attacks and slurs which would any sane person would want to distance themselves from quite quickly. Would you ever want to work with or employ someone who makes personal attacks like the following as part of his defence of his work and dealing with criticism other have reasonably proposed:

Tell me, Andrew, have you stopped beating your favorite underaged male prostitute? A simple yes or no answer is fine.

pathetic ... not once does he address any of the points properly because he is already convinced he is right and has no interest in learning or developing.

So despite its pretense of providing a groomed community with moderation to remove the wild west thugs that destroyed (and other usenet discussions) is really only a thin sham for corporate fascism to ride roughshod over who they feel like "dragging out for a hanging" (without a trial) and not a place where people can engage in discussion and debate.

Just doesn't seem to be many places that you can engage in a reasonable discussion, present arguments rationally without finding this sort of crap.



Anonymous said...

I Shoot Film on flickr is decent.

Noons said...

Having grown up under a fascist government, and fought long and hard to get rid of it and its nefarious effects, I am continually amazed at how much of that social disease there is still around in so many different parts of the world...

Soundimageplus said...

I think the answer to your question, is yes, under very specific circumstances. I've always suspected that forums love this stuff as it generates lots of hits, so that they can make more money.... sorry! so that they can continue to generate stimulating photographic discussion.