Tuesday, 16 March 2010

small cameras keep on comming

I happen to own a Panasonic G1, as any quick look at my blog will attest to. I happen to like it a lot not because I'm a T-Shirt wearing Panasonic fan, but because the camera does what I want. Samsung seems to have quietly released a compact mirror less camera (EVIL- Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera)

My friend over at Soundimageplus has recently obtained one of these little beasties and is presently having a great time with it.

The camera has only reached preview level on DPReview despite it having been around for some months (I guess they're too busy). Looking at the images they have of it on their review, it seems to be quite similar to the G1 in size

but I notice they pit it up against the E-P2 for the "plan view"

which is strange, as the G1 looks fatter viewed like this too ... perhaps they're trying to make it look worse than it is?

who can tell ... however seeing Davids images from the camera I'm very keen to know more.

There is precious little else is written, and the prices seem high on eBay right now. Still Novoflex already seem to have an adaptor out for it which is great.

387198762_d59616222b.jpgFor me the advantages of compact are mainly evident in the shorter focal lengths.

Recalling that this has always been the traditional strength areas of cameras like the Leica M6 and the wonderful Bessa (cosina made) cameras.

Once you start talking about longer than 100mm then the differences are really starting to diminish.

So a Samsung with a 30mm pancake which is compact as a bessa R2 is highly attractive.

Right now I keep using my G1 and wishing for a 25mm pancake ... maybe I'll have to get a Olympus E-420 and the 25mm pancake ... that'd likely cost the same as just the Panasonic 20mm after all.

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Charles Maclauchlan said...

Through years and years of film photography I, like others, spent a great deal of time and money determining exactly what the film "Sees" in different situations. "This film sees yellows this way, reds another etc. I'm talking B&W here but it's the same for color. When digital started to become workable I thought that finally we would be able to tell what was on the sensor prior to a shot. Nope! Camera makers still slapped a mirror in front of the sensor. I'm happy Samsung is entering the field with Panasonic, Olympus. Sony has pre announced their version, Leica has one. Of course the first, the magnificent DP1.

If the speed issues are worked properly then it kinda becomes a viewfinder issue. Need something resembling an OVF??? OK then this camera is slightly larger. Pretty simple decision.