Monday, 22 March 2010

quite a blow

With thoughts of moving back home to Australia, places I love like Fraser Island are coming back to my memory ...

I was looking for an image to test an idea on and ferreting through my collection found this one of an advancing sand blow on Fraser Island.

The wind blows the sand in from the coast and with the right conditions a large dune of sand advances across the landscape, filling in any lakes and killing the trees that happen to be in the way.

They are quite a natural feature, and not caused by any man made activities. Its almost like the sand island swallowing the trees.

You can see one forming here

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They are an interesting feature of Fraser island and responsible for some of the interesting formations you can see on the sand dunes.

Like this example where there were old dead trees seeming to arise from the dune.

As an Australian Europe is clearly a well trodden old world, so tts a wonderful place to go and see the world as it once was ...

before everything became covered in cities ...

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Lens Bubbles said...

You have lovely scenes to photograph.